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Menifee California Summer Art Camps came to completion

Summer is still delighting us in its full glory; the month of June surely went fast as our Four Summer Art camps for this year came to completion.



starboards bb8 art class pastel chalk pastel painting


Incredible projects and long lasting memories to treasure are now wrapped in our Summer timeline for 2018. Children explor…

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Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake

The second week of Summer Art camp came to completion last week and we are now on our third week!


menifee art camp canvas painting art classes in Menifee California by Ines Miller Art Instructor

Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake!


An incredible group of children on this group eager to learn and be challenge with art projects. Here we started strong as yesterday w…

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Mosaic tile workshop for children Summer art class

And because they believe ... they did it!


mosaic tile workshop art classes for kids


There are no limitations for creativity and neither for the things we can accomplish and these kids did it!


 Mosaic tile summer art class has ended with amazing one of a kind projects from our mosaic tile students.



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Mosaic Class for Children in Menifee California by Ines Miller professional fine artist

I am offering this Summer the first Mosaic Workshop for children in Menifee California.


This Summer I decided to offer an Introductory Mosaic class for our young kids.


The class is in session now and students are getting a full load of hands-on experience starting from safety,  get…

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2018 Menifee Art Camp for Children

Summer Art Camps

Coed Summer Art Camps in Menifee California open to all children in our community 



Kids art classes Summer Art Camps




There will be Four  summer art camps this season:

Age from 5 yr. old to 16 yrs. old

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Summer Art Camp in Canyon lake - Creativity continues

This  morning we started with our t-shirt painting and stamping.

Art campers learned about the difference on textile paint , acrylic paint and watercolor paint.

They review what a "paint pigment " is and what makes this paints different as the binders and  different formulas use.


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Canyon Lake California - Summer Art Camp is half way thru in our creative week

Wednesday is always an exciting day for our art campers and some of the art project there were working on come together to completion and they can take home and share with family!


 Safety first! 

Children were explain about  how a simple piece of paper will cut you if rub off thru …

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Canyon lake California Summer Art Camp for Children Continues day 2

Yesterday We primed with “Gesso” our bowling pins, children learned about gesso and why its apply to certain surfaces. This time the design will be a dog, after the bowling pins were dry, they sculpted  a muzzle and nose for what it will be a bowling pin  dog.

Summer Art Campers  jumped…

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Second Summer Art Camp session has started inside the Canyon Lake California Community

Our Second Summer Art Camp  session has started inside the  Canyon Lake Community. Art Camp will run from June 26 thru June 30th


New faces and their  unique inspiration kids are ready to create. Art projects vary from the previous art camp hosted at Santa Rosa Academy


Children w…

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Summer Art Camp hosted at Santa Rosa Academy Charter School in Menifee concluded Friday June 16- 2017

Our Summer Art Camp hosted at Santa Rosa Academy Charter School in Menifee concluded Friday June 16, 2017


Children celebrate their hard work with a Pizza Party and we open the doors ( finally! ) to parents for the walk around our classroom to enjoy their kids creativity transformed into  pi…

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We hope your child is enjoying Menifee Kids Art Camp - art education program as we walk into the middle of our creative week.-PART TWO

ufff! today  was a  full

work-out.  Aren't you happy your kiddos get to make the mess here instead of home?


Believe me there was a lot of cleaned up  after wards. Please thank our art camper assistants when you get a chance as They did all the cleaning.


Right aft…

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We hope your child is enjoying Menifee Kids Art Camp - art education program as we walk into the middle of our creative week.

Today Bowling Pin cats were  still wet from their chubby cheeks and ears  an extra day is needed before children can paint their cat.

We moved closer to shore and children jumped right into  painting their surfer board sign, color base  is on!  and tomorrow should  they be able to personali…

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Summer Art Camp - Dirty hands at work! Paper clay sculpting today

 Going above and beyond on children art classes - this is for sure not the “peel & stick” crafty projects you get in a kit at the craft stores.

Art  campers will tell you Summer Art Camp  includes  drawing and painting and  some hardwork and “yuky” work preparation for some of the projects a…

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First day of 2017 Summer Art Camp at Santa Rosa Academy is on! Children Art Classes in Menifee California with incredible fun.

Menifee Kids at Art Camp had an Incredible start today as our first day of a creative art week, children  were outgoing and fearless to their art projects.



 For some of the children this may had been a first time ever trying this techniques.


Children  prepared their  bo…

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Art Packing for Summer Art Camp - Fun begins!

Kids art classes - Summer Art camp preparation

 An incredible week ahead at Menifee Kids Art Camp!

 Summer Art Camp in Santa Rosa Academy - Charter School in Menifee California will begin Monday June 12 -16 

Full immersion in the arts and crafts, art theory, art supplies and tool care and maintenance and handmade crafts projects. Pl…

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Counting down to our 2017 Summer Art Camp in Santa Rosa Academy - Charter School in Menifee CA

Counting down to our Summer Art Camp.


Santa Rosa Art camp will start next Monday! June 12th and will go for one full week.

We have few spaces available so hurry up!


This is an innovated art camp full of discovery and wonder for your child on the creative arts. While learning…

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