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   Most commonly asked questions 

Does my child need to have artistic talent to participate in the Menifee Kids Art Camps?


A child who is  introverted or shy may be a reluctant artist, they are still welcome to join Menifee Kids  Summer Art Camp Programs. 


Learning, growing, experimenting and expressing once self through art is at the heart of what we do. We provide plenty of individual attention and a positive supportive, nurturing environment.


What is the minimum age to participate on Menifee Kids Art Camps?


We require your child to be at least 5 years old.


How many kids are per art  camp class?


We host between  25-30 students and we separate them by age groups, art technique  skills and crafts experience. To children  who have more  experience in the arts and art techniques We challenge them with more complex projects that are ready for them at any time they want to do the leap.




Are the teacher’s assistants background checked?


The primary responsibility of  Menifee Kids Art Camp is the safety and well-being of each student. 

Yes, the teacher’s assistants are also  Santa Rosa Academy school volunteers and members of the SRA Booster Club  and/ or active board members and volunteers at the AYSO ( The American Youth Soccer Organization) in Menifeewith TB test and background check including myself and  I have test  cleared  and up to date   of child safety youth protection training, exploring and  venturing  thru the Boy  Scouts of America.


Crew Number # 131502445


Any questions feel free to call me

or text me at 951-775-1839


How does my child needs to dress for the Art Classes?


Art can be definitely messy! and our past Summer Art Camps are real proof of this. 

Please have your art camper wear comfortable old clothes and closed toe shoes * (Please do not use sandals) , and a large t-shirt  to cover clothes will also work.

 Garage sales or thrift shops can be a good source to find clothes that can be compromise with paint, glazes, concrete, glue and more paint!  :)

Some of this paint glazes and mixmedia art projects we use  with our art  students  include professional grade paint and will not come out from clothes.



Does my child needs to bring his/her own art supplies?


Unless specify; children’s classes include all supplies and media materials. I encourage art students to keep their own art supplies at home as they learn, try and experiment with art supplies in our art classes.


For more advance art students  I  will have an art supply list available.




Are your art classes STEAM inspired?


Lately I been getting parents inquiring  more about my art curriculum; honestly I never set much thought about  asking myself if my art classes were STEAM inspired as to me is pretty obvious Art is connected to this 4 concepts and had been using this concepts on my art approach  without putting too much emphasis to call them certain "steam title".



 Steam stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math.

 After dissecting one of my lesson I will say Yes, definitely!

Art is very connected to all 4 STEAM concepts.



 Just a simple example is when we do portrait studies - a small  anatomy introduction  jumps in as an essential explanation to help the young artist understand what he / she is drawing from  dorso, elbow, muscles are there any veins shown on subject? neck, tendons, skull shape, eye sockets and grow formation. Young art students are expose to   a full introduction of  new words on anatomy and help them distinguish the basic composition in a human body when their art project is about such figurative drawing or so.


Our Sugar  Skull study painting on canvas shown here:


Young art students  learned about the Sugar Skulls” folklore, traditions, where did started and why, to the more anatomical explanation such as  frontal bone, nasal bone, mandible bone and how mobile and large that jaw bone  is before they were ready to sketch their own sugar  skull.


We do little bit of chemistry by mixing colors when we study our color theory, clay and paint, paper mache and clue and other ingredients and so on …


We  also divide our pages in half, thirds and quarters, we section  and study angles and perspective. We also look for the native habitad of a particular animal we will be painting; origen and behavior.


Social Studies are touch when we talk about certain cities and social groups, traditions and ethnical customs before sketching, painting or 3D sculpting.


All this tiny bits of informations are pour into our  art classes in Menifee Kids Art Camp for our young millennials art students to learn and understand what lands behind their created subject.


 So, I might say yes, Menifee Kids Art Camp offers  a STEAM inspired art curriculum.