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Children Art Class Tole Painting Owl Autumn Decor

November 1, 2017

Tole Painting Owl! 


 As Autumn  is not over yet I designs some wooden owns for 5th graders to paint share with family.


Here  you can see from the brain storming a simple design for  students to accomplish with in an hour segment. 

From cut out wood pieces to pre-primed owls ready to paint.

 Students did great adding their own color pallet and personality to each owl.


 If you want to try this project please visit link below for free pattern.


  Have fun!



Owl Painting on Wood Tole Painting kids art project

October 30, 2017


Hello  5th graders at Mr. Briggs classroom!

Tole Painting Classes fro Children Owl painting on wood

If you miss last Friday art project You can download the owl pattern Here:Link

Place Pattern on top of your wooden owl cut out and transfer outlines with tracing paper or freehand.

Select paint color of your choice and have fun!

Below your can see  several owl samples  5th graders students painted last Friday as everyones turned out unique and  display a fun personality;  hope to get you inspired.

Students Art work:


The Sign can be personalized with erase of your own such as: Your Name, Autumn, Fall, Family, Welcome, etc.


Have Fun!


Savant or prodigy Child gifted for the Visual Arts Drawing and Painting

October 23, 2017

Savant or prodigy

Very few children are born a prodigy on the fine arts; the ability to draw and paint is a learn skill just as learning to speak our native language, math, reading and even learning a foreign language. Time, practice and some dedication is needed for all the above.

With little effort and dedication your child can learn how to channel her or his energy in a creative way. Expressing his imagination on a 2 D or 3D form of art.

Menifee Kids Art Camp vision is to expose the next generation also known as the Millennian generation to a wide array of art and craft techniques so that they can look inside themselves and identify their own and flourish in their own talents.

Then I can look back and joyfully say I had done my deed in this planet.

Drawing Lessons for Children by Ines Miller - Fine Artist

October 19, 2017
Each child will show his own interpretation of the world around him.
Give him the proper tools and skill to be able to express what he sees, feels and what resides in his imagination.
Drawing art lessons for children
Drawing Art Classes will lay the basic foundation in how to observe and breakdown on basic shapes what your kid see around.
Pencil drawing or simply sketching is a fun way to strengthen your child’s drawing skills.
Children drawing classes in Menifee California Pencil drawingin M
Registration is now open for the second session. Children will continue practicing on different projects their sketching abilities, drawing and painting skills while reinforcing art theory.

Second After School ART session will renew October 24th

October 17, 2017

We have one   week off and our Second After School  ART session will renew October 24th.

After school art classes for children Menifee California Art lessons by Fine Artist Ines Miller


Registration  is now open for the second session. Children will continue practicing on different projects their sketching abilities, drawing and painting skills while reinforcing art theory.



We will have  several fun projects on this session you don’t want your child to miss.


Between the fun projects students  will paint on Canvas a Cardinal Bird on Winter Scene ( yes! they will be studying and painting the challenging white snow) and  they will also be doing a Painting on Wood; this gives them another surface to experiment on their painting. 


Day and time will remain the same here at Santa Rosa Academy.


7 Fun,  productive and creative weeks on Art and Art Theory.


Session 2: October 24- December 12th * No class on Nov 21**

When: Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00pm

Who: Elementary and Middle Grades

Location: Room 4101

Cost: $75

Siblings: $70

Cost includes tuition and all art materials.



To sign up visit:





Ines Miller

Art Instructor



Check our blog for lates updates:


Children Painting Classes Acrylic on Canvas Eclipse

October 11, 2017


Click on Image to view slide

Eclipse painting Kids art class in Menifee California After School Art classes

Eclipse Painting Class  - After School Art class



Celebrating  our 2017 solar eclipse art students immortalized the event on a canvas  panel painting with acrylic  paints. 


This was a project done on stages; even tho our young artist wanted to finished on one stroke; patience and observation were implemented here.

The results were  incredible!  the first stage was to pencil sketch free hand an outer space scenery of an Astronaut, tiny little glimpse of put blue planet also known as Earth and the  grand  eclipse sighting, base colors were applied.


Click Image to view slide

painting  class for children in Menifee California - Art Instructor Ines Miller Eclipse Painting

The second stage was to go over the shadows and were the reflective solar rays were coming from, children paint a second color base as needed.

the last phase on the painting is making sure canvas edges were painted, applied all tiny details that may had been covered and ad those solar glare and the reflection on the astronaut helmet.


Every Acrylic painting unique as the expression of the own creator. 

Art students finally were able to take their Eclipse painting  home to proudly display it and share the painting process with their family.

Why Medicine Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

October 5, 2017

This article with information  why  Medicine  Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

art classes helping medicine students carriers


Something so simple and basic as and art class may had been taken for granted …But not any more! as  the arts invisible empowerment may have a positive influence on the sciences and the future career of your child. 


Don’t wait until late in your child’s  young years to expose him to art and craft classes and workshops.


The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch

September 30, 2017

Wooden mannequin observation drawing class.


The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch,


Art students worked on their observational skills, from kindergarten to middle school students each  mannequin came to life as you can see each drawing  showing off his/ her own creative personality.



Art students  got hands on by  positioning their own wooden  mannequin on the pose of their choice observing light and shadows. Also students were aware of their mannequin articulation points and instructed to indicate  those articulated sections on their drawing.


 I love tthe art process  that  always comes out of this project as you noticed  our early age art students from Kinder and first grade they had the mannequin shape at their best and then young artist added their facial expressions  :)

After all a face is not a face if isn’t showing a smile …correct?


This  art project  was done on a large size watercolor paper and because of the  art paper size  and the free hand sketch challenge art students had to divide on equal parts (1/4 ) to get a sense of scale of their mannequin while sketching.


 The back ground was embellished with pastel colors reviewing our color theory of “cool” colors and “warm” colors and their  representations as we observe this colors  in our daily lives as sun sets, sun rise, ocean, desert, rainy days, and so forth.


Blending pastels can get really messy and young students love the pastel blending techniques; color theory was review and also few basic blending techniques.


Are your art classes STEAM inspired?

September 3, 2017


Lately I been getting parents inquiring  more about my art curriculum; honestly I never set much thought about  asking myself if my art classes were STEAM inspired as to me is pretty obvious Art is connected to this 4 concepts and had been using this concepts on my art approach  without putting too much emphasis to call them certain "steam title".





 Steam stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math.

 After dissecting one of my lesson I will say Yes, definitely!


Art is very connected to all 4 STEAM concepts.




 Just a simple example is when we do portrait studies - a small  anatomy introduction  jumps in as an essential explanation to help the young artist understand what he / she is drawing from  dorso, elbow, muscles are there any veins shown on subject? neck, tendons, skull shape, eye sockets and grow formation. Young art students are expose to   a full introduction of  new words on anatomy and help them distinguish the basic composition in a human body when their art project is about such figurative drawing or so.


Our Skull study painting on canvas shown here:


Young art students  learned about the Sugar Skulls” folklore, traditions, where did started and why, to the more anatomical explanation such as  frontal bone, nasal bone, mandible bone and how mobile and large that jaw bone  is before they were ready to sketch their own sugar  skull.

We do little bit of chemistry by mixing colors when we study our color theory, clay and paint, paper mache and clue and other ingredients and so on …


We  also divide our pages in half, thirds and quarters, we section  and study angles and perspective. We also look for the native habitad of a particular animal we will be painting; origen and behavior.


Social Studies are touch when we talk about certain cities and social groups, traditions and ethnical customs before sketching, painting or 3D sculpting.


All this tiny bits of informations are pour into our  art classes in Menifee Kids Art Camp for our young millennials art students to learn and understand what lands behind their created subject.


 So, I might say yes, Menifee Kids Art Camp offers  a STEAM inspired art curriculum.

Art class first session school Year Elementary and Middle School Art Students

August 31, 2017

Art class first session school Year 2017-2018 Elementary and Middle School Art Students


Tuesday Aug 29 started our first art session for  2017-218 school year.



First day of art class … love to see my students with those bright  eyes  full of creativity and their urge to try new art techniques for the season! One of the most rewarding aspects as an  art teacher is seeing them grow on their new learned art skill.


We have a short hour and we do our best of the time allowed, we jumped into the explanation  of the different art mediums they will be working on and  familiarizing them with the materials; such a dry mediums as pencil, color pencil, pastel, oil pastel. Wet medium as acrylic and water colors ( we look into oil painting but they were explained because of their young age we won’t be working with oil paints) and Mix mediums,  most  students new about mix-media art and gave wonderful examples.


extra-curriculum-art-classes in Menifee California - Ines Miller Art Instructor


 Some of my students on this art session had  taking art classes prior so they are well aware of the supplies mentioned and it was a fun review for them as well. My new students were all joyful and  excited about the idea of getting to know all this materials and experiment with them!


Jumping into sketching, its important to me to see the level of  their dexterity  by quick sketching with out an eraser.

New little artist in training quickly discovered their drawing pencil is professional  graphite pencil with not eraser!


 This is a horrible concept revealed and learned by my students in the first class,  some of my art students  panic and go into a nervous mode just by the simple concept of not being able to use an eraser.


Eraser will damage your paper, too much erasing doesn’t let our little young artist have their creative ideas flow; by constant erasing there is an internal mode that is dictating them art work MUST BE PERFECT! … in which there is not such a thing!


We put all that aside by hiding, avoiding, no using and co-depending in our art  eraser.  I want to see their ideas  flow into a concept and being able to sketch by not placing too much pressure on there paper and be flexible and forgiving to themselves while they are still mastering their ability to sketch.

artclasses-afterschool-kidsclasses in Menifee California-Ines Miller Art Instructor


One may think its easy to sketch something quickly, but its harder that may appear as their is nothing more intimidating and daunting to a beginner or professional artist than confront that  silent “Blank Canvas!” that first stroke , that first paint brush may be the most difficult of all to start.


Children have a natural free  spirit and a pure imagination for the most cases will let their dreams and thought flow; manifesting them on paper gives them incredible power to their confidence.


Beautiful sketches came out of this project. Little artist were introduced to our wooden maniquis  and the functionality in the art studio.


Students were explained about  the difference on a “subject” and “negative space”;  for this next project it  was little bit challenging.

Every art  student posed their manqué in the position of their choice and here we going again to learn the simple ways to divide a page on section or segments, observing your  subject and  free hand sketching to a larger scale.


The size of paper is larger than their maniqui and they have to trace, observe and visually scale so their negative space is not so large around their subjet.

Maniqui drawing-artclass-menifeekidsartcamp Kids art classes


 After they finish their sketch they were instructed to “observe” now once again their manqué and see the “value”.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a color or hue. Value helps you to define the shape of your “subject” we saw the example of sketching an egg.


 Tints, tones, and shades are variations of the hues found on the basic color wheel when white, black or both are mixed in.


This a project that will be work on sections, as they start trainmen their eye to see beyond the obvious shape in front of them when drawing and painting.




El martes 29 de agosto comenzó nuestra primera sesión de arte para el año escolar 2017-218.



Este es nuestro primer día de clases de arte ... me encanta ver a mis estudiantes con esos ojos brillantes llenos de creatividad y su deseo de probar nuevas técnicas de arte para la temporada! Uno de los aspectos más gratificantes como  maestro de arte es verlos crecer en su nueva habilidad de arte erudito.


Tenemos una hora corta y hacemos lo mejor que se nos ha permitido, vimos  la explicación y ejemplos  de los diferentes medios de arte que estarán trabajando y familiarizándolos con los materiales; tanto   como medios secos como lápiz, lápiz de color, pastel, pastel de aceite. Medio húmedo como el acrílico y el acuarelas  (nos fijamos en la pintura al óleo, pero se les explico debido a su corta edad no vamos a trabajar con pinturas al óleo) y medios mixtos, la mayoría de los estudiantes nuevos sabían  sobre  el arte mixto y dieron  ejemplos maravillosos.


 Algunos de mis estudiantes an tomado  clases de arte antes conmigo, así que les sirvió de repaso y para reinforzar sus conocimientos y fue una crítica divertida para ellos también. ¡Mis nuevos estudiantes estaban todos alegres y entusiasmados con la idea de conocer todos estos materiales y experimentar con ellos!


Saltando en el bosquejo, es importante para mí ver el nivel de su destreza mediante el bosquejo rápido sin un borrador.

¡El nuevo pequeño artista en el entrenamiento descubrió rápidamente su lápiz de dibujo es un  lápiz profesional de grafito y sin borrador!


 Este es un concepto horrible revelado y aprendido por mis estudiantes en la primera clase, algunos de mis estudiantes de arte les da un miedo y  entran en un modo nervioso sólo por el simple concepto de no poder utilizar un borrador.


El borrador dañará tu papel, demasiado borrar no deja que nuestro pequeño artista joven deje fluir sus ideas creativamente; y al borrar constantemente  hay un modo interno que está dictando  al niño que el trabajo de arte debe ser perfecto! ... en el que no hay tal cosa!


Ponemos  todo ese miedo  a un  lado, al evitar  no usar el borrador y  sin co-depender de nuestro  borrador de arte. Quiero ver sus ideas fluir  en papel libremente  y ser capaz de dibujar al no solo   poner demasiada presión sobre el papel y ser flexibles y no ser tan críticos de si mismos   mientras que todavía están dominando su capacidad de bosquejar.



Uno puede pensar que es fácil dibujar  algo rápidamente, pero es más difícil de lo que aparenta; no hay nada mas intimidan   para un artista principiante o profesional que confrontar a  ese silencioso "lienzo en  blanco" que el primer brochazo de pintura  o el primer pincelazo  puede ser el más difícil de empezar.


Los niños tienen un espíritu libre natural y una imaginación pura para la mayoría de los casos dejará sus sueños y pensamiento fluir; poderlos manifestar  en el papel les da un poder increíble a su confianza.


Hermosos bosquejos salieron de este proyecto. a nuestros pequeño artista les fue presentado  nuestro maniquí de madera y la funcionalidad en el estudio de arte.


A nuestros estudiantes se les fue explicado  sobre la diferencia en un "sujeto" y un "espacio negativo"; Para este próximo proyecto fue un poco desafiante.

Cada estudiante de arte coloco su maniquí  en la posición de su preferencia y aquí vamos de nuevo a aprender las formas sencillas de dividir una página en secciones  o segmentos, observando su “sujeto”  y dibujando  a mano libre a una escala más grande de acuerdo al papel que tienen.


El tamaño del papel es más grande que su maniquí y tienen que ver, observar y escalar visualmente para que su espacio negativo no sea tan grande alrededor de su objeto.



 Después de terminar su boceto fueron instruidos a "observar" ahora una vez más su manqué y ver el "valor tonal”.

Valor tonal  es la ligereza o oscuridad de un color o tonalidad. El valor le ayuda a definir la forma de su "sujeto" vimos el ejemplo de dibujar un huevo.


 Tintes, tonos y tonos son variaciones de los tonos encontrados en la rueda de color básica cuando se mezclan blanco, negro o ambos.


Este es un proyecto que se trabajará en secciones, ya que comienzan a entrenarse  sus ojos para ver más allá de la forma obvia en frente de ellos al dibujar y pintar.


Menifee Kids Art Camp providing  fine art enrichment programs for children & young adults up to age 14



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