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Kids art Holiday workshop in Temecula California - Temecula Valley Art League

Temecula Valley Art League is hosting a Kids holiday workshop this month of November!

holiday art w craft workshop in Temecula California - Ines Miller art Instructor - Hosted by Temecula Valley Art League


TVAL Kids Holiday Workshop 

November 30th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Open to  TVAL members  children and non members.


TVAL Kids members  :  $25.00

Non Members: $35



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Holiday Art Camp - Reindeer Painting art class in Canyon Lake California

Children Art Classes in Canyon Lake California Holiday Art Camp by




From Abstract Art  to Figurative  and Realism Art  Your Child gets to explore and discover  the natural creative talent that  lays within their  heart.


Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee CaliforniaChristmas art painting for children in Menifee California Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California
Canvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California Art classes near me in Menifee CaliforniaCanvas painting art classes for kids Holiday Art camp by Ines Miller Professional Fine Artist in menifee California Canyon lake Holiday Art camp for kids

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Holiday Kids Art Camp in Canyon  Lake California


Holiday Kids Art Camp in Canyon  Lake Community


Three  Day Holiday Art Camp.


Nov 19 - 21


 For Children who love Art!


canyon lake art classes for kids by Fine Artist Ines Miller



 From a Nutcracker Soldier  painting, to a poinsettia study, perspective and learning its legend; crafting a snowflake wr…

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Painting Art Classes for Kids in Menifee California - Cat painting on Canvas

Here we have another acrylic cat painting done by a young  art student.

painting classes for kids in menifee California - Cat painting on acrylics art classes for children

This is one of the Menifee Kids Art students finished art from our Acrylic art painting class for kids offered in Menifee California.


This is a  semi-private - small group class offered and  runs for 4 sessions.…

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Menifee California Summer Art Camps came to completion

Summer is still delighting us in its full glory; the month of June surely went fast as our Four Summer Art camps for this year came to completion.



starboards bb8 art class pastel chalk pastel painting


Incredible projects and long lasting memories to treasure are now wrapped in our Summer timeline for 2018. Children explor…

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Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake

The second week of Summer Art camp came to completion last week and we are now on our third week!


menifee art camp canvas painting art classes in Menifee California by Ines Miller Art Instructor

Summer Art Camp Extravaganza in Canyon Lake!


An incredible group of children on this group eager to learn and be challenge with art projects. Here we started strong as yesterday w…

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Mosaic tile workshop for children Summer art class

And because they believe ... they did it!


mosaic tile workshop art classes for kids


There are no limitations for creativity and neither for the things we can accomplish and these kids did it!


 Mosaic tile summer art class has ended with amazing one of a kind projects from our mosaic tile students.



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Mosaic Class for Children in Menifee California by Ines Miller professional fine artist

I am offering this Summer the first Mosaic Workshop for children in Menifee California.


This Summer I decided to offer an Introductory Mosaic class for our young kids.


The class is in session now and students are getting a full load of hands-on experience starting from safety,  get…

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Angels of goodness walking among us!




Thru the year generous people ( Our earthen walking angels as I like to call them )  had donated in a variety of ways for our Children art classes.

Donations  and Art supplies range from offering  their ti…

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2018 Menifee Art Camp for Children

Summer Art Camps

Coed Summer Art Camps in Menifee California open to all children in our community 



Kids art classes Summer Art Camps




There will be Four  summer art camps this season:

Age from 5 yr. old to 16 yrs. old

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Santa Rosa Academy children art exhibit

SRA's Third Annual Art Exhibit a Carnival of Colors
 The Third Annual Santa Rosa Academy Art Exhibit got underway on April 10th.
 The artistic mediums included crochet and sewing, graphic design, photography, 3-D, a…

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After School Kids Art class Second Session ended winter season

Our Second session for Art class ended this week.

Winter rates school art Penguins Bowling Pin art project crafts in menifee California

Children had the opportunity to experiment and practice their sketching, drawing and painting skills.
The last two projects were:

Perspective acrylic on paper : Holiday room decoration, this drawing was challenging for them but that did …

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Children Art Class Tole Painting Owl Autumn Decor

Tole Painting Owl! 



 As Autumn  is not over yet I designs some wooden owns for 5th graders to paint share with family.


Here  you can see from the brain storming a simple design for  students to accomplish with in an hour segment. 

From cut out wood pieces to pre-primed…

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Owl Painting on Wood Tole Painting kids art project


Hello  5th graders at Mr. Briggs classroom!

Tole Painting Classes fro Children Owl painting on wood

If you miss last Friday art project You can download the owl pattern Here:Link

Place Pattern on top of your wooden owl cut out and transfer outlines with tracing paper or freehand.

Select paint color of your choice and have fun!


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Savant or prodigy Child gifted for the Visual Arts Drawing and Painting

Savant or prodigy

Very few children are born a prodigy on the fine arts; the ability to draw and paint is a learn skill just as learning to speak our native language, math, reading and even learning a foreign language. Time, practice and some dedication is needed for all the above.

With little eff…

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Drawing Lessons for Children by Ines Miller - Fine Artist

Each child will show his own interpretation of the world around him.
Give him the proper tools and skill to be able to express what he sees, feels and what resides in his imagination.
Drawing art lessons for children
Drawing Art Classes will lay the basic foundation in how to observe and breakdown on basic shape…

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Second After School ART session will renew October 24th

We have one   week off and our Second After School  ART session will renew October 24th.

After school art classes for children Menifee California Art lessons by Fine Artist Ines Miller


Registration  is now open for the second session. Children will continue practicing on different projects their sketching abilities, drawing and painting skills while reinforcing art theory.

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Children Painting Classes Acrylic on Canvas Eclipse


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Eclipse painting Kids art class in Menifee California After School Art classes

Eclipse Painting Class  - After School Art class



Celebrating  our 2017 solar eclipse art students immortalized the event on a canvas  panel painting with acrylic  paints. 

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Why Medicine Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

This article with information  why  Medicine  Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

art classes helping medicine students carriers


Something so simple and basic as and art class may had been taken for granted …But not any more! as  the arts invisible e…

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The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch

Wooden mannequin observation drawing class.


The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch,


Art students worked on their observational skills, from kindergarten to middle school students each  mannequin came to life as you can see each drawing  showing off his/ h…

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