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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


First day of 2017 Summer Art Camp at Santa Rosa Academy is on! Children Art Classes in Menifee California with incredible fun.

Menifee Kids at Art Camp had an Incredible start today as our first day of a creative art week, children  were outgoing and fearless to their art projects.



 For some of the children this may had been a first time ever trying this techniques.


Children  prepared their  bowling pins with gesso today ( oh yes, this young art summer campers know now what "Gesso" is and why their bowling pin needs to have few coats of this incredible medium binder


 Also children  learned about making paper and braking out paper fibers to create paper mache; they surely got their hands wet and  dirty!

Tomorrow while kids  prepare the paper clay from the paper pulp  ( that we left  soaking today overnight today)  kids  for surely will get   their hand wet, gooey  and dirty at art class!  :)


An to celebrate our  beautiful summer, children  sketched on watercolor paper a beach scene and after few technical points needed to be on their drawing they freely embellished their drawing  on their own … oh yes we do have few sea monsters and gigantic sharks on those ocean waters, kids   drawings look terrific! - tomorrow they will be applying to our summer beach scene water color paints and it will take a life on its own!



Part of Menifee Kids  Summer Art Camp  program is to introduce and teach children about art supplies and the basics on art composition.

Today children  learned about brush use, care and strokes, painting trays, color pallets and color theory also they learned  about different types of paper and thickness, styles of paint from  opaque and translucent, pigments and paint binders also paper types and  composition: landscape or portrait.


While some of the children experience  small level of difficulty  I am so proud of them for their courage to go forward with their projects.



Remember NO Prior Art Experience Needed. Please  check our upcoming art classes  HERE for Locations,  Dates and Time.

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