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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


We hope your child is enjoying Menifee Kids Art Camp - art education program as we walk into the middle of our creative week.-PART TWO

ufff! today  was a  full

work-out.  Aren't you happy your kiddos get to make the mess here instead of home?


Believe me there was a lot of cleaned up  after wards. Please thank our art camper assistants when you get a chance as They did all the cleaning.


Right after a full colorful  treat to the eyes, t-shirts

will rest until  tomorrow where they will

get rinsed and the revealing will  be amazing,

Creative boot camp is on! and Kiddos got geared up with protective eye goggles!

Mosaic project was next.


We carefully review personal safety, tools and materials use.

proper way of glass handling  and mosaic  adhesive and layout. 

Every one went down to work and laid those tinny pebbles, nuggets and glass on their on board.

Kids' Mosaic projects are

drying  now and tomorrow they will be ready for grouting.

Before time to go home   children painted with water colors their beach scene- only time for ocean and sky painting.

Tomorrow they will continue with the rest of their  painting. 


Art class Instructions are child friendly and to child  level  of understanding; we  explain   in a way that makes sense for them to understand and fun at same time.





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