Menifee Kids Art Camp

Inspiring Creativity through Arts & Crafts

After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Angels of goodness walking among us!




Thru the year generous people ( Our earthen walking angels as I like to call them )  had donated in a variety of ways for our Children art classes.

Donations  and Art supplies range from offering  their time to help in  our classes,  finding venues to host art classes, sharing  the word about our art camps, sponsoring, donations of goods as acrylic paintings, watercolors, chalk pastels, color pencils, sharpies, buttons, yarn, mosaic tiles, clay, artist paper, watercolor paper, canvas, art books, jewelry supplies, tools and an assortment of odds and ends items  that our little  students and their  creative minds come to use in their art class.



Children taking classes at Menifee Kids Art camp had benefit in a way or another by the giving light of generosity on all these people.


  I want to thank every one of who had contributed to our kid's art classes in one way or another if I  skipped your name please forgive me; I know some parents had felt me mysterious/anonymous boxes at Santa Rosa School front desk as well.


I  and all young smiling faces with a creative heart thank you for your generosity.

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