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SRA's Third Annual Art Exhibit a Carnival of Colors
 The Third Annual Santa Rosa Academy Art Exhibit got underway on April 10th.
 The artistic mediums included crochet and sewing, graphic design, photography, 3-D, as well as traditional painting. For those who also attended last year's exhibit at the public charter school library, it was quickly visible that the students' breadth of artwork has grown stronger in a year's passing.
Ines Miller Art Instructor at Santa Rosa Academy Art Exhibit
The Santa Rosa Academy has always been supportive of the arts for its students, and this support has been nurtured by the tireless effort of Ines Miller. Miller, a professional artist who is well known in the art circles of Temecula and its surrounding communities, is the volunteer art instructor for Santa Rosa Academy's elementary students. Believing in art as a form of healthy growth and expression, Miller comments: "This is an opportunity for the students to see their art in a professional setting, which foments the possibility of art being a lifelong component in their futures."
 (Helping to create such a professional setting, the Canyon Lake Art Association generously donated easels for even the youngest students to proudly display their creations.)
Menifee Kids art camp exhibit kids art at Santa Rosa Academy
Santa Rosa Academy Students Art Exhibit
 As with last year's show, ninth grade level students seemed to be the biggest attention grabbers, and credit is due in part to their instructor, Jonathan Sandoval, who oversees the first year Arts & Technology students with studies in graphic design and photography. One of his students, Matthew French, created a realistic-looking Entertainment magazine cover entitled "Bill Nye" which defies the viewer to recognize it as a fake.
 Another ninth grader, Lorenzo Flores, stepped into the third dimensional world of his high school level professor, Tracie Fearing, with his "STAR WARS" book art. (STAR WARS remains popular subject matter for Santa Rosa Academy's students.) 
 Fearing also focused her students' attention to graffito art, with scratch board as their canvases.
 A school carnival marked the last day of the exhibit, which ran through the end of the week. Fitting, as it turned out, as Ines Miller looks to expand the "palette" of art for children in our local areas as well. Miller is already working hard towards her annual summer camp of art for children, the Menifee Kids Art Camp, which is also held at the Santa Rosa Academy...
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