Menifee Kids Art Camp

Inspiring Creativity through Arts & Crafts

After School Children Art Classes Second Session


We hope your child is enjoying Menifee Kids Art Camp - art education program as we walk into the middle of our creative week.

Today Bowling Pin cats were  still wet from their chubby cheeks and ears  an extra day is needed before children can paint their cat.

We moved closer to shore and children jumped right into  painting their surfer board sign, color base  is on!  and tomorrow should  they be able to personalized on their own creative  way. Surfboard sign drying now and 


...Now gloves on!

No worries Parents, children are not heading up to perform  surgery at any near by hospital in Menifee California, Menifee Summer art campers are getting ready for their tie-dye project.


T-shirt are all bundled and tied with rubber bands and ready to go!

Tie dye extravaganza  was a success, we manage to keep  all the dye on the tshirts and away  from the walls

This was a great challenge not for the kiddos as they were sooooo exited to see all those bright colors expand on their shirt but for our art camper assistants and myself; reminding  i. a constant basis to all our happy young campers to keep paint on the tshirt and away from the walls and their own clothes. 

Did I mentioned art can be messy?


ufff! that was a  full

work-out.  Aren't you happy your kiddos get to make the mess here instead of home?


Believe me there was a lot of cleaned up  after wards. Please thank our art camper assistants when you get a chance. They did all the cleaning

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