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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch

Wooden mannequin observation drawing class.


The finish project on the wooden mannequin art drawing sketch,


Art students worked on their observational skills, from kindergarten to middle school students each  mannequin came to life as you can see each drawing  showing off his/ her own creative personality.



Art students  got hands on by  positioning their own wooden  mannequin on the pose of their choice observing light and shadows. Also students were aware of their mannequin articulation points and instructed to indicate  those articulated sections on their drawing.


 I love tthe art process  that  always comes out of this project as you noticed  our early age art students from Kinder and first grade they had the mannequin shape at their best and then young artist added their facial expressions  :)

After all a face is not a face if isn’t showing a smile …correct?


This  art project  was done on a large size watercolor paper and because of the  art paper size  and the free hand sketch challenge art students had to divide on equal parts (1/4 ) to get a sense of scale of their mannequin while sketching.


 The back ground was embellished with pastel colors reviewing our color theory of “cool” colors and “warm” colors and their  representations as we observe this colors  in our daily lives as sun sets, sun rise, ocean, desert, rainy days, and so forth.


Blending pastels can get really messy and young students love the pastel blending techniques; color theory was review and also few basic blending techniques.


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