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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Summer Art Camp in Canyon lake - Creativity continues

This  morning we started with our t-shirt painting and stamping.

Art campers learned about the difference on textile paint , acrylic paint and watercolor paint.

They review what a "paint pigment " is and what makes this paints different as the binders and  different formulas use.

Children  learned on this art class  "textile" painting is for fabrics and will dye (penetrate) the fibers instead of remaining on the surface. 


They also learned a short history of stamping and wood blocks still use in some countries to create  repetitive patterns on fabric. 


Art campers  learned how rubber stamps are made; starting from brass plates and pressing press to rubber pads and the procedure of mounting the rubber stamps on wood as we see them for sale on  stores. Young artist were

able to touch and feel the rubber stamp on a raw form and  pads.

Painting fun stated!

Using a combination of free hand  painting and rubber-stamping they embellished their  one of a kind t-shirt.


We walked close to shore to visit the lighthouse (in  our imaginations indeed)

As art campers learned a bit of history about when the first  light house was built as the city of "Pharos" in Alexandria. They also learned that “Pharos” in latin  means "light house" 

we went in more detail about the lighthouse keeper and how  on ancient time it was a big task to keep the fire burning with coal at  night  as electricity was not invented yet.


This project has three  design requirements such a light house, ocean, shore such a   brach or rocky landscape. children can ad  their own details once the three drawing requirements are met.


They all did fantastic! tomorrow they will be painting them this is watercolor paper and acrylic paint as we are mixing mediums now.


We continue in our nature exploration and children  selected their favorite subject to be painted on canvas.

Everyone sat and look thru piles of pages of magazine nature and landscape inspired  photo images. Every art camper has now their  image reference and now was  time to review our  grid drawing  to help  sketch our subject.

Kids learned how to sketch a grid    on their subject,  and their canvas.  How to minimized distractions from that photo and use only  what they want to paint ...Time to set our  easel  tables! 

Pencil on hand and general instructions about  what an easel is and what is an art easel used for. Your  child learned how to properly set the easel, canvas and what those "movable ribs" on the easel are for and pencil

pressure when sketching on canvas.


Canvas paintings looking incredible beautiful!  

Today  will be   last day of Summer Art Camp and this beautiful paintings will be going home.  



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