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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Sugar Skull paintings on canvas panel- Children Art Classes in Menifee California.

Sugar Skull paintings on canvas panel- Children Art

Second Grade Students.



Children art classes Day of the Dead painting project.


Looking at so many sugar skulls decorations  this year here in the USA.

I though it would be fun to do a project inspired by day of the dead.


I talked to the children briefly about the origin of Dia de los Muertos - Day of the death celebration and the "why" is such an important holiday celebrated in Mexico.

Flowers like chrysanthemums   with their radiant orange color and full shape is the most common day of he death flower used for altar arrangements.

The symmetry on the design of the sugar skulls  and head skull shape study was mention such how  big our jaw and long teeth really are, nostrils and big eye sockets.


I had the children touch their own head while they felt their own skull, discovering how large their own eye sockets really are, really  fun seeing them intrigued by this.

Then we proceed to do our free hand sketch and painting.

Every child remembered to incorporate the symmetry design while sketching their sugar skulls.

The final touches must include Glitter! plus a variety if beads and flowers on an already dry canvas panel.


Every child expressed  their own uniqueness to the Day of the dead painting canvas art



I am so proud of them all!




- Want to learn more about this popular flower use for the Day of the Dead? visit:


Check out this well

done  video on a simple explanation on artist John S. Huerta perspective of the Day of the death celebration :


John S. Huerta

day of the death art painting.

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