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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Second Summer Art Camp session has started inside the Canyon Lake California Community

Our Second Summer Art Camp  session has started inside the  Canyon Lake Community. Art Camp will run from June 26 thru June 30th


New faces and their  unique inspiration kids are ready to create. Art projects vary from the previous art camp hosted at Santa Rosa Academy


Children were introduce to different types of canvas panels, boards and ways how the canvas is stretch on the wooden bars, they learned about watercolor paper and tracing paper.

We have several projects being built by sections so kids today prep some of the basic projects which  included:

Sorting and finding a “subject” of their choice for the Repuse’ projects. children will be tooling a small metal sheet to give texture and hight base on their  selected subject.

While children learned the basics techniques of tracing, they practice their observation, learned about basic lines, directional fur on animals, outlines and contour.

They work on their ID badges, using sharpies and learning proper care on sharpies and strokes. How a sharpie’s ink flows and amount of pressure needed to work on a project. This is a warm up exercise  for the main project coming up.

Oh boy! we passed along to their bracelet embellishment. Painted with toothpick and practicing “pointillism” using metallic water base paints. Thank you to our generous donor for this craft ;  children had a  great time painting on leather as they experiment what colors look best on the different color leather bracelets they have. Well some  of this bracelets were turned into collars by joining the ends together … great idea kids!


Time to play with join compound now and not necessary to plaster or prepair  the walls at the art room. We are experimenting with texture and bass relief so children will prepare the wooden surface and tomorrow we will start with  building layers of bass relief on this project.

The concept was similar to apply frosting on a cake or spreading icing on a cookie …well something like that. Good practice and observation on the material used   as kids have to learn to keep moving those little hands evenly as they work on their surface or it will overdry and crumble.


Before the art session is done for the day we will sketch our flower vase on watercolor paper.


Children were introduce to the “Rule of Thirds"  useful for  when drawing, painting, sketching or planing to create a big mural. How to simplify those lines from photo paper.

Water base sketch is ready for the next medium to be apply tomorrow.


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