Menifee Kids Art Camp

Inspiring Creativity through Arts & Crafts

After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Savant or prodigy Child gifted for the Visual Arts Drawing and Painting

Savant or prodigy

Very few children are born a prodigy on the fine arts; the ability to draw and paint is a learn skill just as learning to speak our native language, math, reading and even learning a foreign language. Time, practice and some dedication is needed for all the above.

With little effort and dedication your child can learn how to channel her or his energy in a creative way. Expressing his imagination on a 2 D or 3D form of art.

Menifee Kids Art Camp vision is to expose the next generation also known as the Millennian generation to a wide array of art and craft techniques so that they can look inside themselves and identify their own and flourish in their own talents.

Then I can look back and joyfully say I had done my deed in this planet.

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