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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Children Painting Classes Acrylic on Canvas Eclipse


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Eclipse painting Kids art class in Menifee California After School Art classes

Eclipse Painting Class  - After School Art class



Celebrating  our 2017 solar eclipse art students immortalized the event on a canvas  panel painting with acrylic  paints. 


This was a project done on stages; even tho our young artist wanted to finished on one stroke; patience and observation were implemented here.

The results were  incredible!  the first stage was to pencil sketch free hand an outer space scenery of an Astronaut, tiny little glimpse of put blue planet also known as Earth and the  grand  eclipse sighting, base colors were applied.


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painting  class for children in Menifee California - Art Instructor Ines Miller Eclipse Painting

The second stage was to go over the shadows and were the reflective solar rays were coming from, children paint a second color base as needed.

the last phase on the painting is making sure canvas edges were painted, applied all tiny details that may had been covered and ad those solar glare and the reflection on the astronaut helmet.


Every Acrylic painting unique as the expression of the own creator. 

Art students finally were able to take their Eclipse painting  home to proudly display it and share the painting process with their family.

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