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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Canyon Lake California - Summer Art Camp is half way thru in our creative week

Wednesday is always an exciting day for our art campers and some of the art project there were working on come together to completion and they can take home and share with family!


 Safety first! 

Children were explain about  how a simple piece of paper will cut you if rub off thru the wrong angle at the edges … same with metal sheets or aluminum sheets as the one they will work on today to create their “Repuse”creating the emboss feel on metal.

Kids learned  how to handle the metal sheet for repuse, how to  hold and press to create an emboss finish;  amount of pressure given and some tools we can use.

For this art project  was obvious a first time exposure working with the metal sheets for many of our art campers, new concept may take little extra  effort to grasp  and  understand  what we are creating. 

It took some concentration and hands on coordination while pressing and holding the transfer paper with the aluminum sheet and their padding pad  all at once -( It may seem simple to an adult), but its quite a task for little hands!

Art campers should be able to continue with this project tomorrow.


Textile painting introduction, we review what “paint pigment” is and what makes the difference between watercolor paints, acrylics, and textile paint; your little ones should be able to give you a simple explanation in  their own works about what they had learn.

We moved to our hound area and finish painting our dogs and “cat” - that single kitty cat in the dog pile  seems to be in trouble with that many doggies around. 

This session children learn the importance of a “template” and why and how is used. We review the different dog breeds and ear shapes this breeds have, how different are and base on this information children designed their on dog ear template and was cut from leather vinyl for their bowling pin dog ears.

While the hound dogs  were left to dry,  kids finish painting their welcome sign;  texturized welcome sign should be finish by tomorrow as the wire  for hanging will be the only thing left to complete this project.


Doggies came to life! Every single dog is so unique and cute reflecting every child’s individuality. color and “markings” were plan and design by your your artist.

Now to our flower department!  and  finalized with our flower vase water color painting; children were reminded  to the different styles of paint brushes and now they know  the difference between a flat brush, round brush and a brush that will be use for detailing,  children learned about directional lighting, cast shadows and  are confident on reflecting this  learning information in their watercolor painting. While experimenting in color mixing and blending they  finish final details and foliage. 

Water color painting is done! 

Tomorrow we will be working on textile painting and acrylics. Canvas painting is next!





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