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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Canyon lake California Summer Art Camp for Children Continues day 2

Yesterday We primed with “Gesso” our bowling pins, children learned about gesso and why its apply to certain surfaces. This time the design will be a dog, after the bowling pins were dry, they sculpted  a muzzle and nose for what it will be a bowling pin  dog.

Summer Art Campers  jumped to a not so easy project of writing the “welcome” sign with they join compound, this project showed to be of some challenge to see  how sculpting can represent its own challenges  but overall they didn’t give up and succeed as they learned they can used the help of brushes, back of the brush and even their fingers! to accomplish the task.

Sign looking really good!

For a more relaxing  turn,  summer art campers beaded away their now laminated name tag into a leather cord thread, they learned that patterns can be created with different types of beads, size,  textures and  colors.


As a final project for the day little artists continued with their water color vase painting - summer art campers learned about   “negative space”, “color theory”  and “values”, paper thickness and the difference on paper weight, and light painting and  directing the watercolor painting into the paper versus over brushing and water saturation.




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