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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Boy Scouts working on their boy scouts art merit badge - Art Work in Process

Boy Scouts working on their boy scouts art merit badge - Art Work in Process


 Its been a great session for one of our  Boys Scots troop here in Menifee California working toward their art merit badge - 

Art Work in Progress and  they should have two finished projects by the next week boy scouts den meeting  to enjoy and share with  their families   

I organized two  art projects  for this intrepid young boy scouts group.


The first one: Martian, Aliens and Saturnians  Painting Canvas.

This is a fun brain storming art project,  as this young boys go thru the creative process switching from their logical -  left brain side  to the right side  of their brain  which is where creativity resides. 


Its really fantastic to observe  art students with their face of surprise and awe  as they see what they come up on their own and to bring those little critters to life is awesome!

Second boy scouts art project for this group  is a charcoal sketch - free hand drawing of their  animal  troop emblem which happen to be a jackalop, Oh yes! this  art project carries a level of difficulty that I believe this boys will enjoy.  An excellent art project to learn bout value.


I should have more images to share from complete art works from this  fun and energetic boy scouts



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