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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


Boy scouts Art Merit Badget- second week final art charcoal drawing and Canvas painting project finished


Boy Scouts  Art merit badge concentrates on two-dimensional art, specifically drawing and painting in various media, including an introduction to design applications in the fields of graphic arts and industrial design, history and design principles, and how these fields relate to fine art.




When it comes to children art there will  always be something  more revealed that what it meets the eye.

Every child art painting will tell a story, will reflect their personality and will invite you to look deeper into  what he can’t express into words.



Boy scouts Art merit Badget- second week final art project finished :)

Canvas painting of a martian, alien or saturnian and Charcoal study of a Jackalope

Children art classes Boy scouts Menifee Art Badget merit



This wonderful group of fine young boys proudly finished and displayed their two art projects for their boy scouts art merit badges.


They learned new terminology on art supplies, blending techniques and the comparison of two different art mediums. 


Kids art classes in Menifee California Charcoal sketch Jackalope study Boy Scouts Art Badget merit

Boycotts Art Badget Merit Boy scouts art classes in Menifee California

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