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After School Children Art Classes Second Session


After School Kids Art class Second Session ended winter season

Our Second session for Art class ended this week.

Winter rates school art Penguins Bowling Pin art project crafts in menifee California

Children had the opportunity to experiment and practice their sketching, drawing and painting skills.
The last two projects were:

Perspective acrylic on paper : Holiday room decoration, this drawing was challenging for them but that did wonderful with the holiday room decoration and the focal point subject being the Christmas tree for those who celebrate Christmas or a rocking chair and a basket with a cat tangle on yarn for children that decided to draw something else.


squirrel and red robin bird christmas painting kids art class in Menifee California  
squirrel and red robin bird christmas painting kids art class in Menifee California   
squirrel and red robin bird christmas painting kids art class in Menifee California  

This is a large stage watercolor paper and takes practice for children to become comfortable with the size and being able to draw according to their perspective view.

Children are encourage to keep practicing on perspective points as a way to improve their drawing skills and create more interesting paintings.

The boring old recycle bowling pins 3D painting has been transformed on their own beauty as each child painted their own character for this holidays.


This was a project were art students work on sections for the last three classes as primer-gesso was applied, free sketching ( yes every child free hand drew their own character) then first coats of paint were applied and detailing took place accordingly.

The final step was the accessories as they got to dress up their our penguin or Santa Claus.

We will take a break thru the Holidays as we prepare materials and art lessons for our Third session 
starting January 16 and will go thru March 6, 2018

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